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Networking in Charlotte, North Carolina

We’re so excited about the recent regional meeting in Charlotte, which offered an incredible amount of learning and networking potential. Held on November 1-2, this meeting was organized like an open forum with a workshop feel. Everyone had chances to ask questions and gain new wisdom thanks to this setup. We came back to the Sky’s the Limit Marketing office more inspired than ever to hit new heights for the change agents we represent.

One of the best parts of attending events like the regional meeting is the fact that we get to be around so many accomplished leaders. We learn a lot just by being around them, including how they display confidence, listen intently to others, and showcase positive attitudes. The fact that we also pick up valuable advice to apply to our own peer-to-peer campaigns makes it even better.

The meeting was a great chance for us to reflect on what’s worked well in 2019. We have big plans for pushing Sky’s the Limit Marketing to higher growth targets in 2020, so it makes sense to take stock of what we’ve accomplished this year as we solidify our goals. It’s inspiring to review the success we’ve had in the midst of such a prestigious gathering.

We’re ready to put what we learned in Charlotte to good use. Follow Sky’s the Limit Marketing on Instagram for more details on the trip and all our team travel plans.


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