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Posted all over our office

At Sky's The Limit, we love to inspire each other. One good way to do that is to share our daily mantras with each other - quotes that get us up in the morning. We'd like to bring those to attention because they are pretty good ones.

So go and seize the day! Share your inspiration with others and lead by example! The only way to success is living through your own failures.

"You're in charge of your own life."

"Progress is progress, no matter the speed."

"Making the change is up to you."

"Feel your feelings and learn how to recognize it when they dictate your actions."

"Why waste your time talking negatively about other people, when you could be positively impacting your own life and others?"

"It's okay to feel like you're going to burn out, take a step back to revaluate and make a plan of attack for your goals."

"Your team is the most important part of the job."


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