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Heading Back To School

Here in Virginia, school is back in session, and we’re using this back-to-school spirit to freshen up our Sky’s the Limit study habits. For example, one of the best learning tools we use in our office is knowledge sharing. We work together as a group to glean every bit of wisdom we can from our experiences, positive or not. This way, every time members of our team expand their awareness, we all grow.

We also pride ourselves on the hands-on approach we take in our Sky’s the Limit training program. Beginning with the on-boarding process we immerse new hires in different facets of our firm, giving them a chance to dig into ongoing projects and contribute real-time solutions. This is also a great way for novices in our field to rub elbows with managers and project leaders that have worked their way forward with us, and know what it takes to succeed in our industry.

Another vital learning tool is networking. When we have a thriving network, we have access to a pool of knowledge much greater than what we can gain on our own. This is why we do more than encourage our team members to connect with other professionals; we teach the skills required to be effective networkers, and even travel to events where we can meet colleagues and business leaders from across the globe and learn what they know about success.

As the youth of Virginia head back to school, we remind ourselves of the importance of being students in our own lives. Follow Sky’s the Limit on Instagram to see how we implement continual learning in our careers.


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